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Catholic Life of Our School

Catholic Life of Our School


As a Catholic school, we take our responsibility to put Christ at the centre of how we live and learn very seriously. We work in partnership with our priest, Father Raphael, parents and carers and the parishioners of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church to live out our Mission Statement.


We are a part of the Liverpool Archdiocese and follow the “ Come and See Programme,” for the weekly two and half hours of Religious Education that our curriculum contains. We have daily prayers and acts of Collective Worship which bind us as a community and help our spiritual growth. The wider community is welcomed to whole school Collective Worship every Friday and for a least one class Mass a term. Our environment, including focus tables and display boards in every classroom, pay testimony to the importance we pay to celebrating the God given world we have and our responsibilities to look after all within it.


The Catholic values which we promote are delivered through all the subjects and are the foundation and support in how we teach specific topics such as Relationship and Sexual Education. This is taught in an age appropriate manner in each year group, using the resource, “Journey In Love,” which is recommended by the archdiocese.


Our responsibility to try and support the most vulnerable members of society is something that we recognise in our fund-raising, prayers and curriculum time when we learn more about charities such as CAFOD.


The Archdiocese have provided a parent's leaflet to help to support your child at home in order to develop their spiritual wellbeing.