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Anti-Bullying & Acceptable Behaviour

At St Joseph's we aim to create a warm, friendly, welcoming school where pupils and parents feel valued and listened to. We work hard to live out our Mission Statement of "Together we love, learn, follow Jesus", this requires all children to show each other respect both in, and out of, the classroom including in the playground and also at home. Alongside our R.E. curriculum which teaches the gospel values, our pupils benefit from the delivery of the Kidsafe programme, which is delivered by a trained professional, as well as having appropriate behaviour modelled at all times. However, we are aware that there are occasions when children make poor decisions and need to be supported to make the right choices.


Bullying behaviour is unacceptable and will be challenged. Reports of bullying behaviour will be recorded and taken seriously and there will be a clear and swift response to any report of bullying behaviour. Pupils will be listened to, will know that it is “OK to tell,” who to tell, and how to tell. Parents will be informed of any incident, listened to, and will be kept appraised of how their concerns are being dealt with.


Bullying is:

  • Deliberately hurtful (including aggression).
  • Repeated over a period of time.
  • Difficult for victims to defend themselves against.

It is not bullying when:

  • There is no intention to hurt or harm i.e., behaviour is thoughtless or accidental.
  • There is a one-off fight/argument between pupils of equal stature or strength.
  • There is a good reason why others cannot be included in a group activity.
  • A pupil is called a nickname with which they are happy.
  • Friends have a temporary fall out.


School's Responses to Bullying

  • Investigate the alleged incident/s
  • Record the event on our CPOMs system
  • Inform parents of both parties
  • Offer help and  support if appropriate
  • Apply appropriate sanctions


There are lots of organisations that provide support and advice if you have further concerns, these include: