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Miss Ollerton

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Teaching Assistants: Mrs Edgerley, Mx Lane and Mrs Watkinson

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Sports Coach: Mr Cox

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Week Commencing: 13.03.23

Class 2/3 have moved on to poetry in English. Our focus poem is 'The Owl and the Pussycat'. The children have been exploring unfamiliar vocabulary in the poem. Fowl, shilling, quince, runcible and tarried are a handful of the new words that the children have learnt this week. In maths, our new unit is length, height, and for Year 3, perimeter too. The children have enjoyed participating in lots of practical measuring activities. 

Week Commencing: 06.03.23

This week, Class 2/3 have been busy practising a range of songs on their ukuleles. They are looking forward to performing in a concert to their grown-ups on Wednesday, 29th March. In French, our topic is 'Les Instruments'. We are having lots of fun learning how to say and write about a range of different instruments. In geography this week, the children identified and grouped the human and physical features of Hoghton. To end the week, the children continued to develop their coding skills in Jam Coding. They are becoming experts at writing and debugging codes. 

Week Commencing: 27.02.23

Class 2/3 have had a brilliant week this week. In science, the children enjoyed investigating how far a toy car could travel on different surfaces. They  carried out a fair investigation and recorded their results in a bar chart. In geography we are learning about islands and coast lines. The children enjoyed using the atlases to locate different rivers in the UK, as well as finding out which seas they flow in to. 

Week Commencing: 20.02.23

This week seems to have flown by in Class 2/3! We have been busy getting stuck into our new topics. As part of our islands topic in geography, the children learnt about the positive and negative impacts of living on an island. In science, we are learning about forces and magnets. The children raised lots of interesting questions relating to the use of magnets in the real world. Class 2/3 are huge music lovers, so they were very pleased to discover that our new French topic is instruments. The children are keen to continue their French learning at home using the Language Angels App. Well done, Class 2/3! 

Week Commencing: 06.02.23

As always, it's been a busy final week of half term in Class 2/3. On Tuesday, the children celebrated Safer Internet Day and explored this year's theme 'Want to talk about it?'. We read the books 'Troll Stinks!' and 'The Technology Tail'. The children learnt that their words - the kind and the cruel - will follow them for life, creating a digital trail that can't be erased. After studying rocks and fossils in science earlier this year, the children were pleased to be exploring the artwork of Robert Hooke this week. They enjoyed sketching, designing, and carving a clay fossil inspired by the work of Hooke. 

Week Commencing: 30.01.23

Learning a different language isn't always easy but Class 2/3 have worked very hard this week to develop their French speaking skills. Many of the children are looking forward to practising their French at home via the Language Angels Home School site. Our current French topic is Vegetables. On Thursday, the children enjoyed another exciting Jam Coding Computing lesson, where they continued to explore digital photos. When faced with a technological difficulty, the children worked  incredibly well as a team to overcome any challenges. Well done, Class 2/3!  

Week Commencing: 23.01.23

Class 2/3 have been busy writing an alternative ending to the story “The Queen's Token”. They have all worked very hard to include a range of new vocabulary and prepositional openers within their writing. Miss Ollerton can't wait to read the finished stories! In computing, the children are thoroughly enjoying their digital photos topic. It is a popular lesson of the week! 

Week Commencing: 16.01.23

This week in Cl 2/3, the children have enjoyed developing their ukulele skills with Miss Galea. Learning to play an instrument can be difficult but the children are demonstrating a great attitude towards their music learning. In P.E., the children are VERY excited to be doing dance. They have been busy working in groups to learn and create routines. It is a popular lesson of the week! 

Week Commencing: 09.01.23

It has been a busy first week back in Class 2/3! The children have enjoyed getting stuck into their new topics. In science, the children researched and identified different food groups. We talked about why each food group is important. In history, we are learning about the Tudors. The children raised lots of interesting questions and are keen to learn more about King Henry VIII. Whilst reading 'The Queen's Token', we discovered that he was known for his 'fierce eyes' and 'terrible temper!' Miss Ollerton has been so impressed with Class 2/3's positive attitude towards learning and teamwork skills this week. 

Week Commencing: 05.12.22

It has been a festive week in Class 2/3! The children have enjoyed practising playing a range of songs on their ukuleles, in preparation for the Christmas Carol service. In R.E., we have explored the stories of 'The Annunciation' and 'The Visitation' as part of our Advent topic. On Tuesday, our geography lesson involved investigating why Costa Rica is a good place to grow bananas. We sequenced the journey that bananas and other fruits go on to get from 'field to fork'. We look forward to our upcoming Christmas activities and events as the children have been working very hard across all areas of the curriculum! 

Week Commencing: 28.11.22

Class 2/3 have had a fun-filled week this week! Our trip to Hoghton Tower was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about our local history. The children loved looking around the different rooms in the tower and they were keen to ask lots of interesting questions about the artefacts in each room. The Knighting Ceremony in the banquet hall was a highlight of the day for many children as it gave us an insight into the lives of Kings and Queens who lived many years ago. The children looked the part in their royal red and blue velvet capes.

On Tuesday, we explored our new R.E. topic of Advent and the children are excited to begin their Advent preparations. We talked about the importance of preparing and what might happen if we don’t prepare for special times. Miss Galea was super impressed with the children’s ukulele skills on Wednesday. We are looking forward to sharing a performance with you soon!

Week Commencing: 21.11.22

In Class 2/3 this week, the children have planned an exciting story named 'The Fisherman's Supper', inspired by “The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch”. They came up with some excellent ideas which they will use when writing their stories next week. In geography, we have been busy exploring different climate zones and investigating which fruits and vegetables are grown in each of the continents. During Thursday's Jam Coding computing lesson, the children enjoyed using the iPads and laptops to explore representing data in different ways. 

Week Commencing: 14.11.22

It has been another fantastic week in Class 2/3! In English, we have been working hard to master the use of inverted commas to punctuate direct speech. The children had fun developing dialogue for a scene from “The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch”. On Wednesday, the children enjoyed performing a Florence Nightingale themed class assembly to their parents. As part of our 'Food, Glorious, Food' topic, we have been thinking about the benefits of buying Fairtrade products. The children raised some interesting questions and are keen to learn more about where our food comes from. 

Week Commencing: 07.11.22

In Class 2/3 this week, we have started our new geography topic, 'Food, Glorious Food'. The children were keen to explore the journey that different foods go on to get from a farm to our forks. In RE, we have been thinking about the ways in which a child of the light would grow and show the light of Christ to those around them. We also enjoyed creating some Remembrance Day Artwork to honour and remember those who fought and lost their lives in the war. 

Week Commencing: 01.11.22

It has been another fantastic week in Class 2/3! In English, we have started reading “The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch”. Jubilant, concocting, varmints, brazen and ingenious are just a handful of the new words that we have discovered in the story so far. In R.E., we discussed the meanings of the symbols used in the Sacrament of Baptism. The children have been working incredibly hard with their French learning too—it seems to be a popular lesson of the week.

Week Commencing: 17.10.22

Class 2/3 have worked incredibly hard this half term, earning lots of Dojo points for following our school rules of 'Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe'.  Well done, Class 2/3! This week, it's been Art week. Class 2/3 have studied the wonderful work of influential Victorian artist, William Morris.  After practising their sketching skills and techniques, the children are in the process of creating a repeating pattern template using a polystyrene tile to carve their design into followed by applying colourful printing inks. We are looking forward to seeing their final wallpaper prints. 

Week Commencing: 10.10.22

This week, Class 2/3 have continued their French learning about Les Vetements- Clothing. The children had a go at writing their own sentences in French to describe what items of clothing they wear to school. In RE, we have been thinking about the meanings of signs and symbols in our life. As a class, we planned a Collective Worship to reflect upon our previous RE topic of creation. We gathered for our Collective Worship in Forest School. 

Week Commencing: 03.10.22

In science this week, Class 2/3 have had lots of fun using play dough to explore the way in which different materials can change shape. We investigated which everyday materials can and cannot change shape when a force is applied to them. In maths, we are continuing to develop our addition and subtraction skills. On Thursday, we enjoyed an active morning of P.E. with Coach Matt followed by an exciting Jam Coding lesson.

Week Commencing: 26.09.22

Week 4, Wow! Class 2/3 have been busy as always. In history, we have been comparing Victorian Hospitals to modern day hospitals and nursing. In English, the children have each written a super story inspired by 'George's Marvellous Medicine'. On Wednesday, we explored a range of different everyday materials in science and discussed the suitability of these materials for different objects and different purposes. Miss Ollerton is very proud of our improved writing stamina this week. Well done, Class 2/3! 

Week Commencing: 19.09.22

As always, this week has been another busy week in Class 2/3. In maths, we are continuing to look at partitioning numbers in different ways. In English, we have begun planning our own version of 'George's Marvellous Medicine'. We are looking forward to writing our stories next week. On Tuesday, the Lancashire Fire and Rescue team came in to teach us all about fire safety. Miss Ollerton was amazed at how much we already knew about fire safety. We also enjoyed another exciting ukulele lesson and a fantastic Jam Coding computing lesson too! 

Week Commencing 12.09.22

We've had a very busy week in Class 2/3! We have enjoyed learning about the inspirational life of Mary Seacole and the amazing sacrifices that she made to save soldiers during the Crimean War. On Tuesday, we took our Collective Worship outside to Forest School where we reflected upon ways in which we can look after God's creation. We loved our Jam Coding and exciting ukulele lessons too! Miss Ollerton is so proud of our teamwork this week. We have earned lots of Dojo's for helping others. 

Week Commencing: 05.09.22

This week, Class 2/3 have settled into their classroom brilliantly! They have got stuck in with their 'Marvellous Medicine' themed topics. In history, they have enjoyed learning about the life of Florence Nightingale. They were amazed to discover the lifesaving changes that Florence made to hospitals during the Crimean War. In English, they have made predictions about what crazy ingredients could be in George's Marvellous Medicine. On Thursday, they enjoyed their first P.E. lesson with Coach Matt. Miss Ollerton has been very impressed with Class 2/3's lovely manners and positive attitude towards learning this week. 


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