Cl 4/5 2022 - 2023

Miss Bottomley

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Teaching Assistant: Miss Banks

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Sports Coach: Mr Cox

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Week Commencing: 21.11.22

In Class 4/5 this week, we have created our own mini worlds in science to help us understand the process involved in the water cycle. We have placed them in several different areas of the classroom for us to observe the changes / differences over the course of the week. In geography, we have been exploring Preston and Barcelona in order to compare the two cities. In maths, we have been focussing on applying our times tables knowledge in a range of contexts such as area (Yr 4) and prime numbers (Yr 5). We also led our first Collective Worship for parents this week and the children did incredibly well.

Week Commencing: 14.11.22

Class 4/5 have started their new English text—”Macbeth” . The children have explored the first few pages of the text and also some of the new vocabulary. We are looking forward to seeing what happens in the story. Maths wise, Year 4 have started to explore area of regular shapes and have done very well! Year 5 have been looking at factors, multiples, prime, squared and cubed numbers—putting all their times tables knowledge into practice.

Week Commencing: 07.11.22

Class 4/5 have been getting creative with clay. The children have each designed and created either an ancient Egyptian death mask or cartouche – they have thoroughly enjoyed this and the end products are fantastic! Year 4 have done amazingly in maths this week where we have been looking at subtraction and exchanging. Year 5 have been putting their times table knowledge into practice by exploring multiples and factors.

Week Commencing: 01.11.22

This week in Class 4/5, we have started our 3D sculptures unit in art therefore we have been researching Egyptian art to identify common themes and gather ideas for our own clay sculptures which we will be creating next week. In English, we have been writing our diary entries in the role of Howard Carter based on his discovery of King Tut’s tomb – something the children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about. Finally, we had our first visit to Church this academic year to celebrate All Saints’ Day. 

Week Commencing: 17.10.22

This week, the children in Class 4/5, have been learning all about Howard Carter and his discovery of King Tutt’s tomb in literacy and all about the ancient Egyptian gods and pharaohs in history. The children have worked incredibly hard, settled very well and I am very proud of all that they have achieved this half term. 

Week Commencing: 10.10.22

Last Friday, Class 4/5 completed project pyramid! In the morning, the children conducted their own research into ancient Egyptian pyramids and found out lots of interesting information which they then presented on their own 3D pyramids. In the afternoon, we headed out to Forest School where the children worked in groups to build a 3D pyramid using the equipment provided. It was lovely to see the children showing teamwork and resilience.  

Week Commencing: 03.10.22

This term the children have been learning all about the weather in our French lessons. This week, the children worked with their talking partners to match up the key vocabulary and then applied it in the format of a crossword. The children have been doing well with their French and it seems to be a popular lesson in the week. 

Week Commencing: 26.09.22

The children in class 4/5 have been really enjoying their computing lessons this half term. The children have been focusing on editing photos and being able to layer them. As you can see in the pictures, they have been getting very creative. 

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Week Commencing: 19.09.22

This week in Class 4/5, we have been on an ancient Egyptian adventure curtsey of Tadeo Jones. We watched parts of the clip each day and then finally produced our own endings for the story. Throughout the week, the children have had to take on the role of Tadeo Jones to make several decisions about the next step in his adventure, which they have done very well, and he has followed in their footsteps.

Week Commencing: 12.09.22

This week, in Class 4/5, we have been thinking about our connections and family. We started by listening to a piece of scripture explaining Jesus’ family tree and then discussed the connections between ancestors. We then thought about our school family and made our own class web of connections. The children each thought of their own reasons as to why we are connected such as we are all part of God’s family, we all follow Jesus, and we all learn together.  

Week Commencing: 05.09.22

We have had a very busy week in Class 4/5 getting to know one another and settling back into school life after the summer holidays. On Wednesday, we completed our topic WOW launch where the children took on the role of Egyptologists. They explored a range of artefacts using their high-tech tools and then used their artefacts to help them understand some new vocabulary.  


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