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Mr Astle

We are into the final term before summer and I can't believe how quickly the year has flown by! We have got some amazing lessons coming up over the next few weeks. We are moving onto human digestion in Science, a fascinating, if not completely disgusting topic! We will be looking at the journey of a piece of food, from the moment it enters your mouth, until your body is finished with it. In History, we are looking at industrial revolution of Preston. For R.E, we are moving onto 'Transformation' looking at the story of Jesus' resurrection.

I can't wait! :)

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Round up of the Week

Week Commencing 2.5.22

This week has been Class 4/5's time to shine. On Friday, parents and family members were invited in to watch a class assembly, and we were first. The class decided on the theme of the assembly - Natural Disasters - wrote their
own scripts from scratch, and then chose and rehearsed the parts they wanted to perform. They absolutely nailed it! And I was so impressed with their performance.



Week Commencing 25.4.22

After writing their earth-shaped prayers for our world last Friday, Cl 4/5 placed them in Forest School where they can be shared by all classes. They have started their history topic on the Industrial Revolution. Pupils looked at how civilisations have invented machinery and factories to help make life easier. 

Week Commencing 18.4.22

It has been a very busy first week back! We have started our new poetry topic in English, alongside our new decimals topic in Maths. Luckily, we had a fantastic day to end the week, showing support for our planet for Earth Day 2022. The class wrote prayers for our planet, which will be displayed in Forest School next week, and had a family planting session outside at the beginning of the day. 

Earth Day.jpg

Week Commencing 28.3.22

To finish the term before Easter, we had a vote on how we want to spend our Forest School session. The class had an amazing idea of creating Ukranian flag, alongside the Union Jack, so show how we support the Ukraine in their current conflict. What a fantastic idea!

Ukraine 1.jpg

Ukraine 2.jpg

Ukraine 3.jpg

Ukraine 4.jpg


Week Commencing 21.3.22

In Class 4/5 the theme of the R.E. lesson was sacrifice. Pupils thought about the positives and negatives of giving time to others. During a Collective Worship, the class thought about what makes everyone equal but unique in the eyes of God. 

RE 1.jpg

RE 2.jpg

Week Commencing 14.3.22

What an amazing Science Week! We have learned all about the forces of 'gravity', 'air resistance' and how parachutes work. Using everyday items, everyone managed to create a parachute to catch the gas particles and create air resistance. Each parachute was then dropped from a height, with the goal being keeping a passenger (egg) safe. Thank you to George's mum for supplying 31 eggs... Luckily there were only a few casualties!  


Parachute 1.jpg

Parachute 2.jpg

Egg 1.jpg

Egg 2.jpg

Egg 3.jpg

Week Commencing 28.2.22

Our Geography topic on ‘Natural Disasters’ is in full flow, and on Wednesday, we looked at tectonic plates, and how their movement contributes to earthquakes. The class made their own earthquake procedure cards, and even had an earthquake drill! Maths is getting trickier, with the class now adding and subtracting mixed numbers with different denominators! 



Week Commencing 21.2.22

This week, Class 4/5 have been introduced to their new Geography topic 'Natural Disasters' the focus of the first lesson was volcanoes. They learned about the 4 different types of volcanoes, and how they were created. In Maths, they are continuing with their topic on fractions, but have now progressed onto adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators. The class have finished their personal survival level as part of their swimming topic and coach Dan was very impressed with their performance. 





Week Commencing 7.2.22

It's the last week before half term, which means we are finishing our Maths unit on fractions. Class 4/5 have been using pictorial methods to show conversions between improper fractions and mixed numbers. It was tricky, but they never gave up! Our stories have been published into our Anthologies in English, and we were absolutely amazed with Max's story! The high-quality vocabulary, and fantastic variety of sentence structures blew us away. In History, we have now finished our topic on the Vikings, looking at the different kingdoms they conquered. It has been a fantastic unit, and we can now answer our Line of Enquiry, 'Did the Vikings conquer England?' with the answer, 'No - Alfred the Great saved us!'

History 1.jpg

History 3.jpg


Week Commencing 31.1.22

Firstly, I want to say a huge thank you to Destiny! On Tuesday, it was Chinese New Year, and Destiny taught Class 4/5 how to write 'Luck' in Chinese, and how to celebrate The Year of the Tiger! She was so passionate when talking and taught a short lesson to every class in the school. Wow! We have started some tricky problems in Maths, with the class being introduced to improper fractions and mixed numbers for the first time. Using our Mastery skills, the class were able to 'make' and 'draw' the fractions to help them solve the question. We have started our poetry topic in English, using onomatopoeia to represent a sound in words, and using dashes to add on extra information. 



Week Commencing 24.1.22

After finishing multiplication, we have moved onto division, using the 'Bus Stop' written method. Although it's really tricky to wrap your head around, Class 4/5 were absolutely brilliant! As part of our PSHE topic, we had to understand how to act in the event of an accident or emergency. With the help of Sooty and Sweep, everybody has made their own puppet shows, with a focus on the correct steps to stay safe. In English, the class have now finished their independent writing; some absolutely amazing vocabulary has been used to bring their stories to life!



Week Commencing 17.1.22

Multiplication is getting harder! In the space of 1 week, we have moved from multiplying a 2-digit by 1-digit number, to multiplying a 4-digit by 2-digit number. The class showed a huge amount of perseverance and met the challenge head on. In English, we have finished our modelled write, based on the Beowulf book, and are now ready to write independently. Can Class 4/5 use what they know and write a story imagining a world in which Beowulf never existed? In history, we have continued with the Vikings, looking at the legendary King Alfred, and how he united the kingdoms to create Anglo-land. 



Week Commencing 10.1.22

Our first full week of 2022, and Class 4/5 have hit the ground running. We have moved straight into multiplying 2- and 3-digit numbers by a 1- or 2-digit number, using the formal written method. It is unbelievably tricky and complicated, but everyone gave it absolutely everything they had. In English, we are finishing off our modelled write based on Beowulf, before the class attempt a completely independent write next week. We have started our new PSHE topic, looking at what to do in the event of an accident or emergency. The class learnt to keep themselves safe, and how to put the casualty into the recovery position. 

First Aid.jpg


Week Commencing 3.1.22

This week, we have started our new History topic on Vikings! We have identified where the Vikings came on a timeline, coming to Britain after the Romans and the Anglo-Saxons. In Maths, we have moved onto using the column method to formally solve 2 and 3-digit, by 1 digit multiplication, despite it being a newly introduced method, the class showed fantastic confidence and understanding!

Wow Moment!

Even when self isolating, learning keeps on going! What an amazing representation of our solar system, as part of our Science topic.



Forest School

In our last Forest School session, Class 4/5 had a Science investigation! We had a wonderful time mixing corn flour and water to make a Non-Newtonian fluid, something which can be considered both a solid and a liquid! Our next session will be before the Easter half term; I have no doubts it will be just as successful!









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