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Life in 'Likes'


The Children’s Commissioner has produced a report on a study linked to the effects of social media use on children aged 8 to 12 years called "Life in 'Likes'". It examines the way children use social media and the effect it has on their well being, showing how younger children use platforms which social media companies say are not designed for them. Whilst most social media sites have an official age limit of 13 years, some research has suggested ¾ of 10 to 12 year olds have a social media account. While 8 to 10 year olds use social media in a playful, creative way – often to play games – this changes significantly as children’s social circles expand as they grow older. This report also demonstrates that many Year 7 children are finding social media hard to manage and are becoming over-dependent on ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ for social validation. They are also adapting their offline behaviour to fit an online image, and becoming increasingly anxious about ‘keeping up appearances’ as they get older.


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On-line Safety


For more information about on-line safety, please refer to the document below which offers details about a variety of websites which can help you learn more to support your child / children.

If you want to learn more about "Fortnite", the UK Safer Internet Centre has lots of useful information. Please follow this link so that you can support and guide your child appropriately:


What is cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is the use of electronic media - especially mobile phones and the internet - to intimidate, threaten or upset someone.


Cyber bullying can include:

  • texting scary or rude messages by mobile phone

  • sending unpleasant photographs by mobile phone

  • using online message boards, chat rooms or social networking sites to post cruel messages

  • deleting the victim's name from or ignoring their messages on social networking sites

What to do if you are being cyber bullied

Talk to your parents, carers or a teacher at your school. You may also want to chat online confidentially with a ChildLine counsellor or phone ChildLine.ChildLine