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First Aid

First Aid

In school there are always first aid trained members of staff who oversee first aid. There are a number of first aid kits situated around school. When a child is unwell, or has suffered an accident in school or on the playground there is a protocol for staff to follow:

  • A trained first aider is consulted and any first aid administered.
  • The incident is logged in the Pupil Accident Book
  • For head injuries a ‘head bump letter’ is issued and sent home to parents.
  • For first aid injuries a 'first aid letter' is issued and sent home to parents.
  • If there is any doubt at all a parent is contacted.

St Joseph's has clear protocols for the administration of medicines during the school day. If your child requires medicine please see the school office, who will supply you with the form that will require completion.  Where possible we encourage medicine to be taken before or after school.  The school will only administer prescription medicines. Children are not permitted to keep medicines on them with the exception of asthma inhalers which can be carried by prior arrangement with the school (please refer to Asthma Policy).