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After salt has dissolved in water, can you get it back? Class 4/5 used evaporation and checked for themselves.

Year 6 - Testing air resistance

Class 6 measuring weight in Newtons.

Class 2/3 investigated what happened to their shadow over time. September 2019.

STEM - Spaghetti bridges - Which could hold the most weight?

STEM - Chocolate bridges - Which is the best structure?

Class 3 - A visit from Miss. Kellett, showing us different mini-beasts for our science topic.

Class 3 - How long does it take for a solid to turn into a liquid?

Class 2 - Den building with different materials.

Class 2 - investigation on floating and sinking.

Class 2 investigating what the wind could move.

Class 4 - Science Homework.

Class 2 - Labeling body parts

Class 2 - sorting different animals