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Prayer wreaths by Y2/3

Y3/4 worked with our friends from The Olive School in Preston to make some beautiful 'Peace doves.'

KS2 visited the Cathedral in Liverpool on Tuesday 18th June.

Class 3 - Building bridges with a new friend

Year 2 and 3's visit to the Olive School.

Class 4 wrote postcards outlining their mission. Then they designed the picture.

Class Four learning about the Muslim faith. Friday 11th January.

Class 1 and 2 - learning about how Muslims pray

Class 2 - Collective worship - Love

Singing at Arrowsmith Lodge

Reception class using small world play to recognise the Christmas Story

Y6 rehearsing their dance to 'The Servant King.'

Still image for this video

Rehearsing our performance of 'The Servant King' in Class 4.

'The Servant King.'

'Waiting Hopefully' in Y5/6.

Collective Worship

Understanding Baptism through role-play

Celebrating peacemakers in our world in Class 4.

Class 3 Mass

Class 3 - Acting and explaining. Why are promises important?

Class 1 and 2 making bread as part of our Judaism topic.

Class 1 doing a role play of a baptism.