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Y6 beginning sketchbook pages linked to their English work.

Y4/5 Observational drawing for Nature journals. British Science Week. March 2020

Y2/3 X-ray drawings in charcoal leading to wire sculpture work in March.

Y6 Watercolour and salt - February 2020.

Finishing touches to the Y6 Eastern European/Islamic Art pieces - watercolour wash and salt with pen and inks.

Y4/5 Preliminary Bridge studies. 23rd and 30th January 2020.

Year 5 Anglo-Saxon jewellery.

Y6 Eastern European inspired card designs in watercolour and inks are looking fabulous! Check back next week to see more progress.

Making our Anglo-Saxon jewellery.

Y6 still life observational drawing.

Y4/5 are designing Anglo-Saxon brooches and buckles before making them next week.

Y2/3 have been learning about famous landmarks in London and famous architects.

Y6 have used watercolour and pen and ink to sensitively render these moonlit tree paintings.

Take One Picture 2020 inspired us in KS2

The Great Fire of London. Using a ruler correctly to draw houses, cutting paper to collage and model making in YR/1.

Class 4/5 building bridges, linking to our R.E topic.

Class 1 & 2 creating robots

Designing 'Peace doves' with our friends from The Olive School in Preston. 5th July 2019.

KS2 visited the Roman Catholic Cathedral in Liverpool on Tuesday 18th June. We did some sketching whilst we were there and upon our return.

Y1/2 motif drawing based on the local area. Can you recognise the buildings?

Pop Art Sketchbook development with Y5/6 - June 2019.

Y5/6 have been learning about the Vikings in History. They designed, constructed and painted shields and jewellery.

Years 3-5 learned about the Austrian artist Friedrich Hundertwasser this week.  We look forward to doing research and finding out more about his colourful and vibrant art work.

Drawing in our local area. Learning about architectural features in Y1/2.

Y5/6 are finishing off their Viking shields and jewellery designs in relief.

Scarab Beetle Ancient Egyptians Sketchbook pages by Y3/4

Insect and beetle drawings by Y3/4 as part of their Ancient Egypt topic.

Y1/2 have been drawing and painting portraits in the style of Picasso. We learned about Cubism.

Refining our eye designs this week in Y3/4.

First modelling of our dragon eyes using modelling material. Y3/4.

Preliminary pencil and oil sketches of our Dragon eyes by Y3/4.

Design and Technology Week. Reception class's challenge from Bob the Builder was to make Piggy Banks!

Design & Technology Week - Class 1 - Photo Frames

Design Technology Week - Can we fix it? Yes we can! Making Bird Boxes in Y5/6.

Studying flowers in mixed media - Y1/2 as part of 'Growth and Green fingers.'

Growth and Green fingers - studying seed heads in Y1/2.

The Art of food - watercolour/pencil studies in Y3/4.

Learning about Islamic Art as part of our Come and See topic.

Artist study by Y5/6.

Sugar skulls by Y3/4.

Tudor houses by Y1/2. Fire, fire!

Class 1 - Art Club - Bonfire night pictures using sticks and hand prints.

Whole school Poppy display in oil pastels, watercolour, paint and pen., November 2018.

Painting Poppies in Remembrance. Ist November 2018.

Art club

Wonderful Art work from around school

Class 3's amazing charcoal sketches inspired by the book 'King of the Sky.'