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Ofsted Rated Met  February 2023

Ofsted Rated Good March 2017



GLAD out of school club, welcome all children from reception to year 6 our aim is to provide excellent quality of play opportunities within our setting at all times. With the welfare of the children attending GLAD out of school club, being paramount, we understand that children should be able to have fun and take part in any activities they choose using their initiative and imagination.  GLAD out of school club, is a safe environment for children to play, socialise and express themselves through play. The club operates within the school and its grounds. Our play activities are child led yet carefully structured to help children enjoy and achieve, to make friends and be a positive role model. To be healthy and stay safe also making a positive contribution to our club, their peers and the community. Having well planned activities and different areas set out ensures that there is a wide range of choice that are age appropriate to suit individual play needs and preferences for all our children. GLAD out of school club, recognize that there are a variety of ways in which children learn through play. We give the children the freedom to play uninterrupted unless it is in the children’s best interest to intervene/interact with them. By doing this we encourage the children to problem solve between themselves, this enables them to gain confidence and build up their self-esteem letting them enjoy hands on learning within the play opportunities.


Telephone :07817363151


Breakfast Club:

7.30am to 8.50am at the cost of £5.50 per child per session includes breakfast


After School Club:

3.00pm to 6.00pm at the cost of £8.00 first child, £7.50 for siblings includes healthy snack and drinks.

Childcare Vouchers are accepted

registered for free childcare hours 

tax free childcare 

Open term time following St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School's holiday pattern.



Mrs Joanne Barnes Manager


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