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Year 3 - Cricket

Class 4 -gymnastics


 All children have 2 hours P.E each week.

 This term the children will participate in the following in PE:

Summer 2

Orienteering - Years 2-6

Swimming - Years 2/3/4

Summer 1

 Football-  Years 2-6

 Swimming - Years 2/3/4

Spring 2

Gymnastics- Years 2-6

Swimming - Years 2/3/4

Spring 1

 Gymnastics - Years 2-6

 Swimming - Years 2/3/4

Autumn 2

Netball - Years 2-6

Swimming - Years 2/3/4

Autumn 1

 Rugby- Years 2-6

Swimming - Years 2/3/4





Sports Premium 2016-17



This funding will be used to sustain high quality PE within the curriculum. This is due to the fact that Staff are using the two paid for sessions each week as Continued Professional Development (CPD). Additionally, we are promoting more active lunchtimes through training up Young Leaders, which also includes an element of staff CPD.

A percentage of the grant is also spent on teaching children in both KS1 and KS2 skills for life, including the ability to ride a bike. By including the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One in these programmes, hopefully we can encourage a more active lifestyle for all. Swimming is something we offer for three terms, which is more than the curriculum entitlement. We believe this also impacts on the children’s wellbeing and influences an active life outside school. We also partake in the Inclusion competitions. This promotes sporting opportunities to those children who might not ordinarily represent the school in sport, but for whom we are trying to bring new opportunities and experiences. For such children we hope to sustain a more active life within and beyond the school day.



Total number of pupils on role: 85

Total amount of PPSG: £8435.00

2016/17 Planned Sports Grant spending include:

Item / Project



Buy into South Ribble Sports Partnership

  • Coaching Support


  • Health & Wellbeing




  • School Games









  • Infrastructure






Increase participation in competitions and inter-school events



















  • Maintain the London 2012 pledge to ‘inspire a generation’ through regular Legacy Challenges by:
  • Specialised coaching for Orienteering, Tag Rugby, Netball, Gymnastics and Football
  • Support with development of PE as curriculum area


  • Supporting schools with Change4Life
  • Increase the Health & Wellbeing which include Tots on Tyres Level 1 and 2, Scoot Safe, Bikeability for Years 5 and 6, Dance from the Heart
  • Heart Start (Emergency Life Saving training)
  • Welfare staff training
  • Young leader training


  • Taking part in School Games Events that lead from level 2 (Borough) to level 3 (County) finals in a range of sports
  • Medals trophies / certificates and administration also including equipment and resources
  • 3 annual Inclusion events including multi sports, target games and athletics activities for pupils who are not selected for school games events


  • 1 day teacher release from 7 high schools to create the staffing infrastructure


  • Staff to run Central Venue Leagues in Netball, Football and Tag Rugby


  • Administration, training and development of leaders to officiate at all school games events


  • Sportshall Athletics support in preparation for Level 2/3 competitions


  • Increased participation in school competitions through School Sports Partnership including netball, tennis, rugby and football and inclusion events – allowing all children to participate in events and representing the school
  • Working with other local schools and clusters to run tournaments and matches


  • Subsidise afterschool club




  • Pupils to engage in physical exercise for fun and enjoyment
  • Increase the percentage of children taking part in extra-curricular sports and clubs


Extend curriculum swimming lessons from 2 terms to 3 terms


  • To allow all children to swim at least 25m
  • Increase physical exercise

Funding for teaching assistants to assist in sports tournaments, swimming, festivals and competitions and Forest School


  • Allow more children to participate in sports and events
  • Additional support for children at events, if required
  • TA’s to run Forest School – outdoor activities on a weekly basis with a group of children. TA is a Forest School Approved Trainer. Children to enjoy the outdoor physical activities as well as learning life skills in a team environment.

Travelling costs to and from events when necessary


  • School will always try to work with local high schools with transport to allow children to travel to and from events and school staff to assist with transport (those with business insurance only) or private arrangements between parents. In times when this is not possible, taxis and minibus will be booked to allow children to participate in these events.

Change for life training and resources


  • Develop the children’s understanding of how to maintain a healthy
  • lifestyle
  • 2 TA’s trained in Change For Life to deliver sessions at lunchtime to increase physical exercise


Forging links with PE teachers in local secondary schools


  • Help improve sports provisions
  • Allowing children to participate in more sport during and after school

Welfare and young leaders training


  • Children have productive lunchtimes and break times being enjoyably active