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The aim of ‘Prevent’ is to stop people becoming or supporting terrorists and to do this by challenging ideologies, protecting vulnerable individuals and supporting institutions, such as schools. It is part of the National Counter Terrorism Strategy known as CONTEST.


At St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School we believe that children should be given the opportunity to explore the issue of diversity and understand Britain as a multi-cultural society. Providing a safe learning environment in which children can raise controversial questions and concerns without fear of reprimand or ridicule and explore boundaries of what’s acceptable will engender an open attitude to multi cultural and race issues.


We do this through our PSHE and RE curriculum and through linking with families, cultures and schools who may be of a different culture or faith background to most children in our school.

We also do this through debate and healthy discussion within a safe learning environment where opinions are valued and challenged in a respectful and informed way.


See the link below for further information and resources for PREVENT:-



Advice for children and parents from Childline addressing concerns about terrorism: