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Robinwood 2018

We have arrived safely at Robinwood!

Day One Robinwood

Conquering the climbing wall.

More photos from Day One.

Day One - Zip wire and the Piranha pool for some!

Videos from Robinwood

Still image for this video

The Giant Swing

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Trapeze antics.

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Day Two on the lake at Robinwood.

A stunning morning.
Getting ready to go out on the lake.
Boat race to Duncan, team leader.

Knight's Challenge and Archery.

No hand biscuit eating competition!
Supporting each other.
Teamwork and cooperation.
Encouraging each other.
Being patient and taking turns.
Working together as a team.

The Giant Swing!

Nervous smiles before the swing!

Knights of the Realm. Day Two.

Knight’s Challenge - Day Two.

Day Two - busy, busy, busy!

Day Three - Nightline, Trapeze and Crate-stacking.

Day Three.

Friday morning - Nightline, Trapeze and stacking crates.