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Year Group Objectives

Teachers are skilled in observing; asking probing questions and assessing children’s recorded pieces of work. This is a part of every lesson in every subject. These ongoing tasks help teachers decide what the next steps are in a child’s learning journey and whether children are achieving statements considered to show how secure they are in age related expectations.


Three times a year, in the subject of R.E., children also complete formal tasks as outlined in the “Come and See” scheme that we follow. This supports the judgement that teachers make. These three pieces are also looked at with other members of staff to help ensure the standards that teachers judge children at are accurate and consistent.


In RE children are at different points in the year:

  • Below age related expectations
  • Working towards age related expectations
  • Working in age related expectations
  • Working beyond age related expectations


The document below shows what the statements are for each band in each year group.