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About Our Nursery

St Joseph’s nursery group is a small nursery that was set up in 1997 and is situated within St Joseph’s primary school. The nursery serves the local community and is accessible to all children. We have “a team of fully qualified practitioners who are very secure in the knowledge and understanding of how to promote good learning and wellbeing of young children.” (OFSTED, 2014)
St Joseph’s nursery follows the EYFS and provides children with all the essential skills they need to begin school.  Children have access to a fantastic outdoor area where they have the opportunity to practice their physical and imaginative play, using resources such as sand and water, our team has a strong commitment to the welfare and safety of all the children, including indoor and outdoor activities. "Staff provide a range of interesting activities for children to help them develop new skills and support them to achieve their next steps in learning. Children make good progress in their learning and development." (OFSTED, 2018)
We strive to create strong and positive relationships both with parents and children; it is our aim that all families are happy and content in this vibrant learning environment.
We are open Monday to Friday, term time only
     9:10 – 12:00am

     12:00 - 15:00pm


If you require any further information or would like to come and visit us please feel free to contact Miss Hurst or Miss Cunliffe on 07956 242409. Alternatively you can email us on

OFSTED rating: Good

Information for parents:


Dinner Time: 

Children who are attending the Nursery have the option of bringing a packed lunch or having a hot school dinner. If you want your child to have a dinner please inform a member of staff at the beginning of the day.(Costs of £1.70)


Snack Time:

Children are encouraged to bring a healthy snack to nursery to enjoy with their friends


*Please note that there may be children within the setting that have allergies, therefore please do not bring any items in your child's snack or packed lunch that may contain or have traces of nuts.  Thank you for your co-operation. 


Items From Home

During this time we are asking that children do not bring toys or items from home, this is in order to minimise any risks during the Covid-19 pandemic


If your child is exhibiting any symptoms of Covid-19 please do not bring them to nursery. 

If your child develops symptoms during the nursery day, you will be contacted for immediate collection

For further information regarding our procedures involving Covid-19 please see the 'Safe Operating Procedure' document on this website or enquire with a member of staff.

Important Information for Parents:


We feel it is very important that all parent are aware of the signs and symptoms of meningitis, especially as infants are in one of the highest risk groups for suffering with the disease. Here is a link to the official meningitis website, where you can find all the information you need to know about Meningitis:


Here is the link for the St Johns advert which teaches you what to do if your child begins to choke:


We also think that parents should be aware of the signs and symptoms that will show if their child is suffering with a serious head injury.


Concussion: This occurs when there has been trauma to the brain, such as if the brain has been shook rapidly.

Sign and Symptoms: unconscious for a short period, short term memory loss, confusion, irritability, mild headache, shallow/normal breathing, rapid/weak pulse, normal pupils which continue to react to light and possible nausea or vomiting. 


Compression: This is swelling of the brain.

Signs and Symptoms: if a person recovers well from a head injury but then begins to deteriorate they could be suffering compression, level of response get worse as their condition develops, intense headache, flushed/dry skin, deep noisy and slow breathing, slow/strong pulse, one or both pupils dilate as the pressure on the brain increases and as the condition worsens the person may fit.  

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