To enhance our curriculum and to provide additional memorable, practical and enjoyable learning experiences for our pupils, we offer a wide variety of cross- curricular and subject specific enrichment activities across the year. 

These activities are chosen specifically to enhance the curriculum and to add to the personal development of the children. They are monitored to ensure that their impact is positive and effective in terms of developing pupils' self-esteem; resilience; character; global awareness; culture capital as well as the enhancement of themes with memorable, first hand experiences.

Recent activities have included:

  • Performing on stage to a real audience throughout the year

  • Forest School sessions 

  • Sharing work with audiences during assemblies

  • Teamwork, collaboration and resilience skills on our Year 6 residential 

  • Educational visits to museums, theatres, seaside 

  • Athletics and sporting activities and competitions with South Ribble and Chorley

  • Workshops in school – WW2 and The Romans

  • Weekly Circle Time with each class

  • Bikeability / Active Travel - from Reception to Year Six

  • “Big Friends/Little Friends” Buddy systems - EYFS with Year Six children; 

  • Visits from the Fire Service, Ambulance, Police and Mounted Police

  • Weekly running sessions outside for all classes

  • Outdoor printed playground circuit track and games

  • Outdoor Learning in Forest School, playground and on the field

  • Careers Week talks from a variety of people to inspire our children

  • Lunchtime organised physical activity and team games

  • A variety of after school and breakfast clubs across the year, including sport, drama and computing

  • Curriculum competitions and enrichment days in and outside of school

The list goes on and on...

After School Clubs
Throughout the year, we have after school clubs on most nights. These clubs change each half term and are on offer throughout KS1 and KS2. We rotate the clubs so that everyone has the chance to try something new. We report to parents on enrichment on our interim reports that are sent home. We place great importance on enrichment as every aspect of school life is vital for each child’s overall development. Children's personal and social development is enhanced by such a variety of differing experiences as well as giving them additional physical activity and skills.

The physical activity/sports clubs are mainly run by professional sports coaches. They include dance, basketball, gymnastics, athletics, multi skills, hockey and football to name but a few. Often teams for local competitions are chosen from the children who have attended clubs and gained some skills in a particular sport but this is not always the case. Staff keep a record of children's attendance at clubs and participation in competitions and it is our aim, that every child will find a club which they enjoy and a competition which they can represent the school in by the time they leave us at the end of KS2.

In addition to the sports clubs, we also have Jam Coding Computing Club; Musical Theatre, dance and drama club and a board games club.

Big Friends Little Friends
Our year 6 children have 'a little friend' in EYFS. They partner up with their friend at various times of the week.  

Enrichment Days/Weeks
Throughout the year, we also hold 'Enrichment Days or Weeks'. These enable us to devote extra time to specific events or subjects, enabling us to give greater focus and celebration to topics of choice. These are planned sequentially to ensure coverage of important national and international events, as well as providing balanced curriculum enrichment.

Charity Work 

Here at St Joseph's, we make sure that children are aware of those in need both locally, nationally and globally. Children's personal development and character often comes to the forefront during these times, when we give children the chance to show consideration for the needs of others and allow them to be proactive in trying to make a real difference.

Our Mini Vinnies group often help lead and organise these events along with our School Council.

Throughout the year, we have fund raising events for such charities as:

CAFOD- fund raising takes place during Lent and Advent. 

Macmillan Cancer Support – children and families bake cakes and we hold a coffee morning every year in September to support this charity.

The Foxton Centre - a local food bank – during Advent, our children and families donate gifts taken from a list of goods provided by the centre of things they often need.

Royal British Legion - poppies and other novelties are sold during November as part of learning about remembrance.

Police Horse Visit: One of our parents and her colleague brought their police horses to school! Each class was delighted to be given a horseshoe to keep. The children In Class R/1 were surprised by what it was made from and how heavy it was! We learnt that police horses often help to manage crowds at football matches and that they enjoy eating mints as a treat!  All pupils were interested to find out that the horses are all named after places in Lancashire. The two officers spoke about how they became mounted officers and how their roles are different to others who work in the police force and they demonstrated how they arrest someone!

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