PSHE education at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, aims to explore the knowledge and understanding children need to stay safe, be happy and healthy and fulfil their potential, while also preparing them for life, both in the present and future. It also aims to equip children with the skills they need to live successfully as citizens of the communities to which they belong and enables them to celebrate diversity and treat all people with kindness and respect. PSHE education in our school also aims to encourage children to develop positive mental health and emotional wellbeing, by empowering them with the knowledge of why this is important and how it can be achieved. We want to educate the whole child through our PSHE education and believe this positively impacts the individual, the school community, the wider community and the global community - both present and future.

Our PSHE curriculum develops learning and results in the acquisition of knowledge and skills which will enable children to access the wider curriculum. It promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of all our children, preparing them for the opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences for later life.

Our Relationshiops and Sex Education enables our children to learn how to be safe, and to understand and develop healthy relationships, both now and in their future lives. This is covered through the Journey In Love scheme approved by Liverpool Archdiocese. Alongside this, children learn about different kinds of relationships so they have an understanding of the full diversity of the world they live in and are prepared for life in modern Britain.

All aims are taught through the three core areas of PSHE education, which are:

-Health and Wellbeing


-Living in the Wider World.

PHSE is taught through the PHSE Association's termly themes. This is supported by weekly lessons and assemblies take from Picture News.


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