Mission Statement

Together we love, learn, follow Jesus



At St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School,

through an open and generous heart,

we learn together as a family in faith,

following the gospel values of love.




To live, learn and grow – fulfilling our true potential
We do this through:

Rich and practical curriculum with lots of opportunity for awe and wonder, using our outside learning environments.
Promote an environment that encourages respectful questions and challenges prejudice.
Provide opportunities for responsibilities.
Following Come and See programme – ensuring knowledge and skills are built upon.
Practical experiences and trips are a core part of our curriculum.
Explicit lessons from Reception to Year Six on Relationship and Sex Education, supporting our Kidsafe programme.
Regular training for our staff in developing social, emotional and communicational needs.
Provide opportunities for pupil voice and acts of responsibility through: play leaders; school councillors; big friends/little friends and prefects.
Offer lunchtime and after school clubs which provide new experiences and support gifted and talented pupils.


To foster the close links between school, home, parish and wider community, ensuring all are welcomed and valued.
We do this through:

Inviting parents, family members and parishioners to regular class masses/services and stay and play sessions.
Whole school visits to church at least once a term.
Supporting the Sacramental Programme and school participation in sacramental preparations.
Fundraising for local charities.
Working in partnership with local schools through moderation, sharing best practice and curriculum enrichment.
Parish weekly bulletin on our website.

Welcome and Christ Centred

To follow Jesus in all we do, living out the values of love and respect.

We do this through:

Having a positive behaviour approach
Children’s planning and participation in daily Collective Worship and class masses.
Encouraging and welcoming visitors and volunteers who come and enrich our curriculum.
Showing our love and respect for Jesus through the care we take with our classroom and corridor displays.
Following rules which show fairness and equality to all.

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