At St. Joseph’s, through the Science curriculum we aim to:

  • Ensure that scientific enquiry is interwoven through our curriculum: observing over time, research, identifying and classifying, pattern seeking and fair testing to develop skills and ideas.
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of important scientific ideas, processes and skills and relate these to everyday experiences and our children’s prior knowledge.
  • Encourage children to be curious about the things they observe, experience and explore, relating to the world around them.
  • Ensure children use models to represent things that they cannot directly experience.
  • Acquire and refine practical skills necessary to investigate ideas and questions safely.
  • Ensure children make informed decisions based on evidence and their own experiences, and be able to apply scientific knowledge to new situations.
  • Ensure strong links to STEM are embedded in the teaching of science and children are applying their skills and knowledge.
  • Ensure children develop effective ways of thinking, finding out about and communicating scientific ideas and information.
  • Encourage children to think creatively about science and enjoy trying to make sense of phenomena.
  • Ensure language skills develop through talking about their work and presenting their ideas using writing of different kinds.
  • Develop their scientific vocabulary so that they can articulate scientific concepts clearly and precisely.
  • Ensure children progressively use technical scientific and mathematical vocabulary and can draw diagrams and charts to communicate scientific ideas.
  • Ensure children use a range of media including computing to extract scientific information.
  • Explore values and attitudes through science by ensuring children can work with others, listening to their ideas and treating these with respect.
  • Ensure children develop a respect for the environment and living things.
  • Ensure children develop responsibility for their own health and safety and that of others when undertaking scientific activities.

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