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Forest School

Year 6 had an amazing time in Forest School today. We lit a fire, sharpened our own sticks to toast marshmallows, drank A LOT of hot chocolate, sang songs, made willow stars and built dens. Thankfully the weather was perfect!

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Round Up of the Week

Week Commencing 17.01.2022

This week Year 6 started wrtiting their own version of 1000 Year Old Boy by Ross Welford. We have loved this book and are really enjoying writing our own versions descriptively. In science, we have been writing about animal adaptations. Did you know that the peppered moth, elusively white grey, turned black during the industrial revolution in order to ensure it could camouflage itself from predators?



Week Commencing 03.01.2022

Happy New Year! Year 6 have come back to school raring to go!

This week, we familiarised ourselves with our new science topic: Evolution and Inheritence. We also revealed our new history topic: Early Islamic Civilisation. To celebrate the 'House of Wisdom', which was a research and education centre that attracted academics from all over the world, Mrs Jones has introduced a new reading challenge. Twenty new books have been purchased for Year 6 to read. Upon the completion of each book, 20 dojos will be awarded. If all 20 books are read, 100 dojos plus a sweet treat will be awarded. Year 6 are very excited about this new challenge, and have already selected the book they would like to read first. 

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Week Commencing 29.11.2021

Objects of Immortality - English 

Year 6 have been reading the wonderful book: 1000 Year Old Boy by Ross Welford. In the book, Alfie uses a lifeperler to become immortal. Year 6 loved this idea so we created our own objects of immortality. Using the techniques of persuasion, we wrote persuasive adverts and non-chronological reports. We are delighted with the final outcome! 



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Week Commencing 22.11.2021

Tree Planting 

Today, Year 6 had the opportunity to plant a tree on the school field. Each child helped their little friend to do the same. Thank you to Mr and Mrs Edgerley for providing the children with this unique learning opportunity. It is so heart-warming to think that each and every child will leave something special behind for others to enjoy when they move on. 






Week Commencing 15.11.2021

Design and Technology Project with Brownedge High School

We have come to the end of our 5-week Design and Technology Project with Brownedge High School. Year 6 launched the cars they made, recorded the speed travelled and calculated the mean average. So much learning and so much fun. Thank you to Miss Smith at Brownedge for all the hard work you put in to this project!






Week Commencing 03.11.2021

Heart Dissection

Last week, Year 6 had the opportunity to dissect pig hearts. We had a visit from Mrs Scorah who was extremely impressed with Year 6's knowledge and understanding of the heart. We dissected pig hearts, and looked at them closely both inside and out. Safe to say that by the end of the lesson we had a few children who now aspire to be heart surgeons!




Week Commencing 18.10.2021


Today we had a visit from History Alive to celebrate WWII Day. Year 6 were ready for the occasion dressed in their WWII costumes, a perfect scene set for an utterly educational day! We were lucky enough to explore WWII artefacts from 'Guzunders' (chamber pots) to old fashioned kitchen utensils. At first we weren't sure what to do with such items, but Year 6 are quick learners. We were soon role playing with the artefacts, totally immersed in what life during war time would have been like. 








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