Class R and 1 2023 - 2024

Miss Ollerton

Class Teacher: Miss Ollerton


Teaching Assistants: Mrs Edgerley & Mrs Lau

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Week Commencing: 27.11.23

We have had a fabulous week in Class R/1! In R.E., we have been exploring the Advent wreath and the meanings of the different coloured candles. In English, we have moved onto a non-fiction unit inspired by the story 'Martha Maps It Out'. As part of our 'People who are special to us' topic in PSHE, the children enjoyed creating a 'Friendship Flower' in which they drew themselves and things that make them a good friend to others. To end the week, the children were so excited to try on their costumes for the Twinkly Nativity. We had one last practise before the dress rehearsal to the whole school on Monday! 

Week Commencing: 20.11.23

In Class R/1 this week, the focus of our R.E. lessons has been messages. We have explored the messages spread in the Nativity story, particularly from the Wise Men and the Angel Gabriel. We talked about messages and good news that we can celebrate within our school community and the children enjoyed writing a positive message in a card to make a friend smile. Maths has moved onto subtraction on a number line for Year One and the composition and representation of 4 and 5 for Reception. In geography, the children have been focusing on directions and map symbols. We are looking forward to carrying out some fieldwork of our local area soon. 

Week Commencing: 13.11.23

Class R/1 have had a very musical week continuing to practise our songs for 'The Twinkly Nativity'. They also learnt some new festive songs with Miss Galea during Wednesday's music lesson. The children are extremely excited that they will be trying on their nativity costumes next week and practising their performance on the big stage! We look forward to sharing it with you soon. Computing is always a popular lesson of the week. This week in Jam Coding, Reception had fun developing their trackpad skills to make digital pictures, while Year One used their ‘click and drag’ skills to create a digital painting in the style of Kandinsky. Miss Sanders was super impressed with Class R/1's collaboration skills. Kindness was the theme of this week to celebrate Anti-Bullying Week and World Kindness Day on Monday. The children participated in a kindness themed Collective Worship and a kindness activity during their PSHE lesson. 

Week Commencing: 06.11.23

We've had another fantastic week in Class R/1! On Tuesday, the children enjoyed spending time with their parents in Forest School. Thank you to everybody who came along. In English, we have been busy sequencing and retelling events from the story 'Goldilocks and The Three Crocodiles'. This traditional tale with a twist has been very popular among the class. In geography, we are exploring our local area. The children identified the different types of houses that we can see in Hoghton. Continuing our work on seasonal change in science, we investigated the changes in daylight hours within the different months and seasons. To commemorate Remembrance Day, the children have got creative by decorating poppies and designing medals of bravery. 

Week Commencing: 30.10.23

Since returning to school after the October half term, the children in Class R/1 have continued to impress me with their enthusiasm towards their learning. We have got stuck into our new topics this week. In English, the children have enjoyed exploring the story of 'Goldilocks and The Three Crocodiles'. They have had lots of fun making predictions, inferring character thoughts and feelings and sequencing events from the book. Maths wise, Reception have been busy mastering one more and one less, while Year One have been working on addition within 10. On Tuesday, we took our science learning outdoors and investigated how and why puddles change over time. Our R.E. work this week has focused on mothers and what makes them special as an introduction to our Prophecy and Promise unit. 

Week Commencing: 16.10.23

It has been a fun-filled week in Class R/1! On Monday, the children enjoyed working in teams to build their own dens and bug houses in Forest School. In computing, the children consolidated their programming skills and had fun navigating their robots around a maze. In drama, the children learnt and performed an Autumn poem and added their own actions. To end the week, Class R/1 practised their throwing and catching skills in P.E. 

Week Commencing: 09.10.23

What a busy week we've had in Class R/1! In science, we explored the meaning of hibernation and animal migration. The children sorted animals into two groups: animals that hibernate and animals that migrate. In history, the children worked collaboratively to create a timeline to demonstrate how air travel has changed over the years. A highlight of the week, was this week's computing lesson where the children had lots of fun programming and navigating their robots through an obstacle course. The children thoroughly enjoyed spending time with their loved ones during our Stay and Play session on Wednesday. Thank you to those who attended. If you were unable to attend this session, please don't worry as we look forward to inviting parents into school again soon.  

Week Commencing: 02.10.23

This week in Class R/1, we welcomed Father Raphael into our class. He talked to the children about Baptism. The children enjoying asking lots of interesting questions. Father Raphael was very impressed with the children's knowledge! Maths wise, Year One have moved on to comparing and ordering numbers, while Reception have been comparing size and mass. On Friday, we got creative and the children enjoyed illustrating how the trees change with the seasons. We ended the week with a class Collective Worship based on the theme of Our Lady. 


Week Commencing: 25.09.23

What a brilliant week we've had in Class R/1! In PE, we have been focusing on the skills of hopping and underarm throw. The children worked very well in their teams, demonstrating this terms PE personal attribute of determination. In History, we explored the history of the Viking Longship. The children enjoyed making their very own Viking Longships using our junk modelling materials. The children were shocked that the Vikings had blankets made out of animal skin to keep them warm! On Friday, we continued our topic of seasonal change in science. We explored the different types of clothing required for the different seasons.  

Week Commencing: 18.09.23

This week in Class R/1, we have been busy comparing transport from the past and present as part of our history unit. The children enjoyed identifying and discussing the features of cars from the past and cars that we see on our roads today. Maths wise, Reception have been focusing on creating sorting rules and comparing groups and sets of objects. Year One have been concentrating on solving missing number tracks to ten in addition to finding one less and one more than a number. On Thursday, we spent the final part of our afternoon in Forest School with Year 6. It's great to see the children building on and forming new friendships. We are incredibly proud of the children, who are consistently demonstrating our school values of compassion, respect and thankfulness. 

Week Commencing: 11.09.23

What a wonderful week we've had in Class R/1! In English, we have been exploring the story of Mr Gumpy's Motor Car. Many of the children enjoyed the ending of the text in which all of the animals went swimming after working together to push Mr Gumpy's car out of the mud!  Maths wise, Year 1 began their place value within 10 topic. They have been sorting, counting and representing numbers within 10. Meanwhile, Reception have been matching, identifying and comparing sets of objects. The children are mastering their new routines nicely and we are so impressed with how much they are reading at home already. Well done, Class R/1! 

Week Commencing 04.09.23

What a fantastic first week we've had in Class R/1! We are incredibly proud of the Reception children who have settled into school life brilliantly. It has been lovely to watch their confidence grow each day. Year One have been excellent role models to Reception, demonstrating our school behaviour charter of being Ready, Respectful and Safe at all times. Reception have enjoyed meeting and getting to know their 'Big Friend' in Year 6 who will act as their buddy. We have had an exciting week taking part in Forest School, music, drama and so much more! A highlight of the week was the children exploring robots in computing. We hope you have a restful weekend and we look forward to welcoming the children back to school on Monday. 

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